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Greater Portland Landmarks

Greater Portland Landmarks Facts

The Greater Portland Landmarks Advisory Service was founded in 1964 largely in response to the demolition of Union Station in Portland, a building which dated to 1888. The Advisory Services was formed to try and prevent the future demolition of other historically significant buildings.

Our goal is to save and protect greater Portland’s historic places while promoting innovative new architecture that will become tomorrow’s landmarks.

The Greater Portland Landmarks Advisory Service originally operated out of a library on High Street that was held member's own specialized materials. In 1983 the library was dedicated as the Francis W. Peabody Research Library, named after one of the organizations most prodigious members. The Library has since grown to become the most extensive preservation collection north of Boston.

Greater Portland Landmark also maintains and ensures the protection of the Portland Observatory on Munjoy Hill. The Observatory dates back to 1807 and is the only known maritime signal tower of its kind still standing.