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Tate House, Portland, ca. 1970

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Tate House, Portland, ca. 1970
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The George Tate House at 1270 Westbrook St. in Portland was built in 1755.

George Tate was a local businessman in the shipbuilding market and a loyal British dignitary who supplied masts to the British Navy.

The house is a classic Georgian home in that it boasts a triangular pediment over the fan-lighted door. The pediment is supported by pilasters.

The unpainted clapboard siding, paned windows and central chimney are classic.

The three windows perched in the gambrel roofline are not typical of Georgian style and probably are intended to emphasize height.

The Georgian style makes a statement of power and claim. In a typical Georgian style house decorative and classical architectural elements of pediments, columns, pilasters, entablatures, cornices and quoins are used.

Symmetry and balance is distinctive and the second floor mirrors the first in the placement of openings.

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